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About Mindful[L]

Who we are

Mindul[L] is a student association from the University of Zürich with the goal of promoting the dialogue on the topic of mental health. Together we are committed to raising awareness about mental health and help to further the destigmatization. The MHAW aims to provide students with a platform for respectful and open dialogue about mental health.

What we do

Once a year we plan, organize and carry out an action week on the subject of mental health. During this week, various events are offered on this subject - for example, workshops, lectures, discussions, poetry slams....


We see ourselves as a network for the exchange about mental health and mental illness. Our network offers new ideas, committed people, affected people and relatives.


The co-presidents Nina Zweifel and Jakob Seitter are the contact persons for everything regarding Mindful[L]. Together with the board they coordinate the association and network with partners and similar projects.

WG Content

The working group Content, creates the program items for our action days. They select the content for the workshops, lectures and panel discussions on various mental health topics, contacts speakers and plan the exact schedule for the action days.


Jordana Räss (Board), Lucia Gemma (Board) and Estelle Frischknecht

WG Promo

The working group Promo takes care of our social media channels and website, promotes our events and maintains cooperations. Furthermore, they present our association to the outside world and recruit new members.


Lea Hofer (Board), Celia Boss (Board), Sina Hunger, Sophie Keller and Sarah Brunschwiler

WG Infrastruktur

The Infrastructure working Group is responsible for room reservations and equipment. Further they manage the respective virtual platform for online events. They enable networking both online and offline.


Louise Alberti (Board), Jérôme Brechbühl

WG Culture

The culture working group is committed to a successful internal exchange within the community. The organization of internal events serves on the one hand for team building and a pleasant cooperation, on the other hand also for the knowledge expansion and acquisition of the team.

Fiona Manzolini (Vorstand)

WG Finances

The finance working group seeks and maintains contact with sponsors, manages the accounting and compiles the budget for the association.


Simon Heibei (Board of Directors)

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