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Deconstructing Burnout: Wellbeing essentials to kickstart your career

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Deconstructing Burnout: Wellbeing essentials to kickstart your career

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08. Okt. 2020, 14:00 – 16:00

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During your studies, when entering the workforce or starting to climb the career ladder, to work hard is inevitable, and increasingly leads to Burnout. But Burnout is indeed evitable and in today’s world, it’s not in conflict with success. In this session you will hear from Valentina - how she achieved a successfull career despite two burnouts - and what she learnt on how to spot early signs of unhealthy stress. Combined with Elodie’s expertise in wellbeing and her concrete movement and breathing tips, you’ll be able to start healthily into your career.


Elodie Caucigh & Valentina Coco

Elodie Caucigh is a wellbeing expert, writer and founder of REAL EASE, an exercise method destined to help professionals and entrepreneurs become aware of their own wellbeing needs, build healthier work habits that suit them, and find the real ease in being who they are. Follow her on Instagram @realease.method  Valentina is an experienced WHY driven leader, public speaker and has over 15 years of experience in several multinational companies. She is a strong advocate for gender equality, diversity and mental health awareness. Her motto is that creating connections leads to actions that will lead to a diverse and inclusive culture and progress.

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